Boost class morale

Use as a reward

Positive thinking

"Bri  keeps virtual attendees interactive, laughing, and wanting to participate."
Tiffany Garcia, Librarian

Boost class morale & enhance learning in your zoom classroom with edutainment! Your students will love these hilarious interactive shows. 

Bri Crabtree, award-winning children's entertainer, uses juggling, magic, and circus skills to engage students with concepts they learn at school.

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Pre K

1st grade






Are you looking for a way to boost morale, reward your online class, or bring some fun & giggles to your online classroom?

Variety entertainer Bri Crabtree, creator of the popular "Silly Circus Show", has a new online program that combines educational concepts with entertainment.


Bri Crabtree holds a B.S. in Wildlife Biology, and taught outdoor environmental education to kids for many years.

Kids love Bri's combination of magic, juggling, and circus skills with themes like life sciences, vocabulary, and social emotional learning.

Laugh, learn, and discover excitement with the "Giggle & Grow" online streaming program. 

6 x 30 minute programs available.


Where will your curiosity take you? Find out with Bri!